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Gaseous Fire Extinguishing System


It is a clean fire extinction system for suppressing of fire through the discharging of fire extinguishing agent within the protection zone at the early stage of fire, cooling action on the combustible material and blocking of chain reaction due to chemical reactions.

Appearance and Features

성상 및 특징 표
Main Ingredients More than 99.0% CHF₂CF₃ (pentafluoroethane) (Country of origin: USA, Korea, China)
Efficient Fire Extinction Effects It is possible to achieve efficient fire extinction effects due to the ease of the maintenance of the fire extinction concentration for long time due to the low molecular weight in comparison to Halon 1301.
Safe To Human Body Design that is safe to human body is possible by securing the safety rate of the maximum design concentration (NOAEL) in comparison to the design concentration within the residential area.
Substitute Material For Halon It is the most promising environment-friendly fire extinguishing agent as the substitute material for Halon since the design conditions are similar with physical properties (Vapor Pressure and Boiling Point) that are similar to those of Halon 1301.
품번 표
Part Number Product Name Filling Weight
S1 - FS - 125 - 68L 68L Cylinder set 35~54 kg
S1 - FS - 125 - 82.5L 82.5L Cylinder set 40~66 kg
S1 - FS - 125 - 140L 140 L Cylinder set 44.8~112 kg

NKFS-125 Design Specifications

설계사양 표
Releasing Format Total flooding format Storage Room Temperature 0~55℃
Class Rating A, B and C ratings Max. Release Area Of Nozzle 14 m X 14 m
Release Time Within 6 ~ 10 seconds Program NKFS-125 Flow Calculator HUGHES(미국)
Storage Container 68 L, 82.5 L, 140 L Maximum Installation Height Of Nozzle 0.3 ~ 4.5 m
Design Concentration A and C ratings: 8.7 % / B rating: 11.31 % Maximum Charging Pressure 4.14 MPa

KFS-125 Characteristics

특징 표
Design Diversity With a single nozzle with a diverse range of types, it is possible to provide the optimal design in accordance with the requirements of the clients with height of 4.5 m and protection area coverage of 196㎡.
Spatial Utilization It is possible to use the space of the storage room efficiently through diverse types of containers.
Halon container 1:1 substitution 1:1 substitution is possible through the fire extinction performances that are the same as the container of Halon 1301 by using large-capacity container.

Use of the components that minimizes the friction loss

Through the use of components with minimized friction loss, it is able to exhibit optimal performances even in long-distance pipeline by improving the quantity of flow in pipeline.

In-house manufacturing of pressurized container and single supply product

We secured outstanding quality through in-house manufacturing of pressurized container and single supply product.

Secured outstanding technology

Company specializing in export that secured outstanding technicians capable of executing Door Fan Test.

Outstanding economic values

It is a highly economic fire extinction system to clients since the quantity of agent used is small for the fire extinction performances among the gas range fire extinguishing agents.

Application of NKFS-125

Electrical room, power generation room, transformer room, etc. Communication and computerization facility / Storage room for combustible liquid / Locations that store expensive assets (storage room in exhibition hall and museum, etc.) / Locations with concerns for damage by water