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Water Mist System

Facility to extinguish fire with fine water particles by spinning small amount of water at high pressure

What is fine atomization fire extinguishing system? It is a facility to extinguish fire with fine water particles by spinning a small amount of water at high pressure. According to NFPA 750, the first is the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) efforts to improve the fire extinguishing system for commercial ships, primarily aimed at replacing sprinkler systems. The second is an environmentally friendly fire extinguishing system due to the phased withdrawal of halon fire extinguishing facilities under the Montreal Protocol. It is used for engine room and cabin in ships, and for computer room, engine room and kitchen on land. Currently, the scope of application is gradually increasing in the chemical and semiconductor fields.


물방울 직경과 표면적에 대한 비교 표
NFPA 750 Define the size of the droplet (Dv0.99 = SMD) of 1,000 µm or less at the nozzle minimum design operating pressure
NFSC 104A Cumulative volume distribution of 99% of the water particles released from the head at the nozzle minimum design operating pressure is sprayed to 400㎛ or less and is adaptable to A, B, C grades

Comparison of droplet diameter and surface area

기준 표
Extinguishing system Average droplet diameter Reaction surface
[mm] [m²/l water]
Sprinkler >1 <2
Spray system 0.1 20
Water Mist system 0.01 200

Fire extinguishing mechanism


특징 표
Purpose Protection of life and property in space from fire hazard
Fire Propagation Prevention Fire temperature control in the fire room for transition to Flashover and prevention of fire propagation to neighboring spaces
Apply fire Applicable to oil and electric fire
Secondary damage Since the extinguishing agent is 100% pure water, there is almost no secondary damage caused by the extinguishing agent. No environmental problems
Initial suppression Excellent for extinguishing initial fires as it can be sprayed immediately after detecting a fire

Operating sequence when configuring the system

  • ① Water tank water supply

    Automatic water supply through flow sensor

  • ② High pressure pump

    Compresses water in the water tank and delivers it to the manifold. Transfers water to the discharge line. Operation test through test valve.

  • ③ Fire hydrant

    Fire detector triggers emission when the system is running and extinguishes fire with a spray nozzle or spray gun

Application of Water Mist

High voltage transformer, underground utility conduit, engine room, machine room, storage for dangerous substances and semiconductor facility room, etc.

NKTECH Water Mist

NKTECH 워터미스트 표
Name NKFS-Water Mist System
Approval Status Local Water Mist System : IMO MSC. Circ. 913 KR 승인
Total Water Mist System : IMO MSC. Circ. 1165 & 1269 KR 승인

KFI Certification