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Frequently Asked Questions

Air respirator statutory inspection cycle?

* Enforcement Rules of the High Pressure Gas Safety Management Act (Article 39-Appendix 22)

How to check the inspection due date?

The charging expiration date marked in red on the respirator container indicates the next inspection date. Containers that are more than 15 years old from the date of manufacture will not be re-inspected.

Air respirator re-examination period?

It takes 2 weeks for delivery to the NK Tech factory, but it may take more than 3 weeks when the work volume increases.

How to enter and exit?

1) In-house - visit NK Tech to receive and ship
2) Delivery – Only empty containers can be delivered after removing the back and mask and removing any remaining air
(Upon receipt - When packaging for delivery, send an empty container, a re-inspection application form (download the customer support SUPPORT re-inspection application form at the bottom of the website), and a copy of the business registration certificate (delivery fee is borne by the customer))
(At the time of shipment – container and re-inspection report enclosed and then packaged and sent by courier (delivery fee borne by customer))
3) Transportation - The charging container is delivered in our vehicle upon shipment and all transportation costs are borne by the customer

How to request a quote (Email: / 070-4469-8659)

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For my                                    - If only inspection and hygiene are performed, the container will be shipped empty.
* To request charging, please fill out Inspection + Charging and Hygiene + Charging.