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Air Respiratory Safety Charging Box

Air Respiratory Safety Charging Box

Cylinders used for firefighting or diving are only allowed at high pressure gas stations that are authorized to charge compressed air under the High Pressure Gas Safety Management Act. Some companies and leisure scuba shops have installed illegal compressors in their workplaces without using licensed charging stations. Eventually, the Ministry of Industry and Industry announced and announced on June 20, 2018, Article 62 of the Enforcement Regulations of the High Pressure Gas Safety Management Act on the facilities, technology, and inspection standards of the recharging Cylinder safety filling box for air respirators. Therefore, when you want to fill the air respirator Cylinder, you have to use the product which has been checked for performance by Korea Gas Safety Corporation, and you can pass the technical review and completion inspection before installation and report it to the competent authorities and start the business.


It is a device to protect workers from the risk of safety accidents and rupture of containers when filling high pressure pressure vessels and to charge them safely.


사양 표
Performance Number KGS-18-007
Model Number NKT-SFC-4
Test Standard KGS FP211 Code ('17 .8.7)
Related Standard Notice of Safe Charging for Air Respiratory System, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (17.6.20)
Notice on facility, technology, inspection standards, etc.
Charging Sphere 4 ball type, firefighting, diving for both selectable
Type Of Cylinder ire Fighting Type 3 / 9.0L / 31 Mpa
Diving Type 1 / 11.1L / 20 Mpa
Safety Device 31 Mpa, 20 Mpa
Installation Method Unfixed
Material KS D3503 SS400 with Coated
Size L900 x W730 x H1800
Weight About 600 kg

NKT-SFC-4 Features

- Safety charging box is strong by design calibration.
- The filling pressure can be adjusted easily by turning the valve on and off.
- It is good for maintenance by assembling the outer cover.
- Charging is not possible when the charger door is open.
- Easy to put in and take out container.

NKTech owns the first kind of gas facility construction industry. After construction and delivery of safety box, installation work and licensing work is possible.