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Best technology in clean hydrogen energy, high pressure gas, disaster prevention business, safety equipment

Hydrogen Energy

NKTECH's efforts to revitalize the hydrogen industry continue.

NKH2 Vision

Customer satisfaction through low cost and high efficiency

We, NKTech, have collected and updated our own data through the establishment and operation of the Western NK Hydrogen Recharge Station, and contribute to revitalization of the hydrogen energy business.
Based on these efforts, we train our hydrogen experts, perform complex and difficult technology by turn key method, so that it is easy to operate, long maintenance period of the facility, and the best result can be obtained at the lowest investment cost. We are doing our best to meet your requirements.

NK Hydrogen Energy Business


NKH2 charging station construction and operation

• Self-operating the West Busan NK Hydrogen Station
• Collect and analyze operational data through actual verification of charging system
• Use as an open experience space to revitalize the hydrogen industry

Hydrogen Energy Business EPC (Hydrogen Station, Hydrogen Production Base)

• Perform EPCs to customer specifications
• Comprehensive and systematic integrated control system
• Design focusing on safety such as equipment control / fire monitoring and detection / emergency stop
• Technical cooperation and support through continuous management and training

Hydrogen based construction (storage, transportation)

• hydrogen gas storage and transportation
• Reduction of filling station construction cost by using storage container and tube trailer's own product (KGS certified product)
• Quality assurance through inspection of various containers