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Foam Fire Extinguishing Agent

NKTech foam extinguishing agent status.

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Item Land
AFFF(Aqueous Film Forming Foam) Alcohol-type foam agent Synthetic surfactant foam agent
Model ECO AFFF 33 AFFF 3% AFFF 3% ICAO C ECO AFFF LT 33 AFFF LT 3% ECO AR AFFF 3% AR AFFF 3% developing
Type 3% 1%
Approval number Form 19-2 Form 16-3 Form 20-11 Form 19-3 Form 16-7 Form 18-1 Form 17-2-1 developing
Viscosity(cSt), 20℃ 6.0 6.0 7.0 7.4 9.5 630 205 10 ~ 30
Storage temperature range(℃) -10 ~ 50 -10 ~ 30 -10 ~ 50 -20 ~ 50 -20 ~ 30 -10 ~ 30 -10 ~ 50
Pour Point(℃) -12.5 -22.5 -12.5 -12.5
Common Packing unit(L) : 20/200/1,000, storage duration : 15 years, pH(20℃) : 7.0~8.0, specific gravity at 20℃ : 0.9~1.20

For Maritime Use

- High Expansion Foam with 1% concentration application technology capability that has been mass produced in Korea for the first time for the ship building market
- Hold performances for supplying to ship building companies including Samsung Heavy Industries, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Daewoo Ship Building, Hanjin Heavy Industries and Seongdong Ship Building, etc. in Korea for more than 5 years
- Acquisition of Marine Equipment Directive (MED) B+D certification with the IMO Rules that are stricter than the specifications for those used on land, and completed quality verification through in-house test
- Registered with the Korean Register (KR) as an institution for specialized examination of foam fire extinguishing agent for maritime application, and currently executing examination of the quality of foam fire extinguishing agent for maritime application

For Land Use

- NKTECH foam fire extinguisher uses excellent raw materials and passed the certification of Korea fire Industry Technology Institute (KFI)
- Alcohol and water-based foaming agents reduce casualties and secondary environmental pollution from large fires such as petrochemical complexes and airports as well as general fires.
- Does not include PFOA, PFOS, PFHxS, etc.
- Supply records to SK Chemicals, SKC, Hanwha Chemical, etc.

Common issues

Precautions at the time of handling

- Stainless steel, polyethylene, vinyl chloride and FRP are recommended as the container materials appropriate for long-term preservation.
- Do not store by mixing with other range of foam fire extinguishing agent or products of other companies together.
- Store after checking the operating temperature range.
- Store by tightly sealing them to ensure that water or other foreign matters are not introduced during storage.
- Wash off immediately when comes in contact with eyes or skin.


- Airplane hangar, large-scale petrochemical complex, engine room in ships and storage for oil

Test Flow

Low Expansion Fire Test