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Hydrogen Energy

NKTech makes infinite value of hydrogen economy


H2 Lightest chemical element on earth

Hydrogen exists in the form of two hydrogen atoms bonded to it, that is, as a molecule of hydrogen, but mainly as a compound rather than as a pure hydrogen gas.
As you can see from Atomic Number 1, it is the lightest chemical element on earth, and it is a colorless, tasteless, and odorless gas that occupies about 75% of the mass of the universe.

The value and direction of hydrogen energy

As climate abnormalities are frequently observed in Korea and around the world,

the interest and demand for eco-friendly and clean energy are increasing.
In addition, each country is making plans to reduce carbon emissions. The most representative is electricity using renewable energy.
However, solar, wind and geothermal have the disadvantages of large production difference according to weather change, region and production time, it is difficult to store electricity for a long time, and the efficiency decreases rapidly due to the increase of quantity and size of battery in long distance driving.
As a result, hydrogen is produced by immediately using the electricity generated and stored for a long time (HESS), and then in the form of a hybrid power source that can be used immediately in long-haul vehicles such as large trucks, ships and airplanes or when needed at home. The flexibility is the infinite value of the hydrogen economy.