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Hydrogen Energy

Design, construction, operation and after service of hydrogen charging station

Self-operating the West Busan NK Hydrogen Station

Through the private capital assistance project of the Ministry of Environment, we are building the first Busan NK hydrogen filling station in Busan to conduct hydrogen energy business and provide total solution services from design to construction, operation and after-sales service. This is the cradle of NK Group, which aims to transform itself into a hydrogen-based 'hydrogen economy' to use energy as an eco-friendly environment while being an economic engine of innovation.

West Busan NK Hydrogen Station Overview Table
Location 347, Garak-daero, Gangseo-gu, Busan
Date of Completion 2019-05-13
Operation and Equipment Supplier NKTech
Filling pressure 70㎫
Charging Station Installation Method Exclusive
Hydrogen Production Method Byproduct hydrogen
Hydrogen supply method Tube Trailer
Operating Time Mon-Fri 08: 30 ~ 18: 30
Saturdays and Holidays 09: 00 ~ 17: 00
Closed on Sundays
Lunch 12 ~ 13o'clock
Contact 051-711-0580
Processing installation table
Processing Equipment (Compressor)
Volume 302.63N㎥ / h (Condition Ps 110bar, Ts 30 ℃)
Inlet pressure (bar) 20 to 200
Characteristic - High purity hydrogen gas more than 99.9995% using diaphragm method
- No oil and dust generation during hydrogen compression, No filter required
- Easy maintenance and long parts replacement cycle
충전설비 표
Charging Facility (Charger)
Capacity (N㎥ / hr) 33.4
Filling Standard SAE TIR J2601 H-70, T-40
Characteristic - Simple and compact design
- Built-in diffusion junction precooler enables stable hydrogen charging regardless of season
냉각설비 표
Cooling equipment
TYPE Main Cooler Sub Cooler
Freezing capacity (Kcal/h) 58,698 101,957
Refrigerant temperature (℃) -60 20
Characteristic - Dual cooler configuration to maintain constant temperature during 4 seasons
- Designed to effectively control the high temperature heat generated during compression
서부산 NK 수소충전소 개요 표
Compressed Gas Facility (low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure)
TYPE Low Pressure Medium / High Pressure
Capacity (L) 500 300
Operating pressure (bar) 500 875
Characteristic - Secure price competitiveness by manufacturing in NK
- Securing safety based on experience in domestic production of various storage containers (KGS standard)

Packaged Hydrogen Car Charging Station

For expand and disseminate the base of hydrogen electric vehicles, NKTech is leading the development of high-quality charging system and localization of storage containers.

42% space reduction and 25% facility cost reduction

NKTECH's packaged hydrogen car charging station is economical and convenient with 42% space reduction and 25% facility construction cost reduction compared to the existing installation area.

250kg/day H2 Station

1,000kg/day H2Station

패키지형 수소 자동차충전소 표
Model name Flux (m3/Hr) Charging quantity (Day) Design quantity
HST-250 60~500 50 (passenger car) • High(990bar) : 3, Low (565bar) : 3
• Tube Trailer: 2
HST-500 120~1000 100 (passenger car) • High(990bar) : 6, Low (565bar) : 6
• Tube Trailer: 3~4
HST-1000 240~2000 200 (passenger car), 40 (Bus) • High(990bar) : 12, Low (565bar) : 12
• Tube Trailer: 8